trainees' opinions

General organization of the course



 ...."To illustrate the experience in a few words: the CELTA online course organized by Expert English deserves every euro invested and every minute of effort. A complete personal evolution takes place over the four weeks, which is indisputably necessary to adapt to the educational reality. By adding the online component, the course gains another added value, as all teaching practice is done through Zoom. The direct and indirect learning that the trainees learn from the tutors is very significant, as well as the good collaborative disposition of the other teachers before, during and after the lessons. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who wants to expand their horizons and test new methodologies in e-learning contexts."


CELTA 100% ON-LINE, JUNE 2020, P. Alonso

Tutoring and feedback



..."For me the most enriching and meaningful part of the process. The course offers the possibility that teachers with more than 20 years of experience in ELT show you your strengths and weaknesses, the areas in which you stand out and those in which you have to focus your development. Guided Lesson and Feedback sessions offer the possibility to plan and reflect on the learning process, as well as to self-assess your own procedures and attitudes. Personally, another of the points in favor of the course organized by Expert English, is the quality and professionalism of the tutors. They transmit confidence and play your role with dedication, enthusiasm and effort. It can be seen with the naked eye that they are enthusiastic and highly vocational teachers. During the 30-day course they have always been available to resolve any doubts, show their support and understanding, as well as to establish a bond of trust and respect."


CELTA 100% ON-LINE, JUNE 2020, P. Alonso




"The willingness and desire to work of the students implies an extra motivation when planning and carrying out the classes. The group work and collaboration of the participants greatly facilitates the improvement of educational processes. One of the biggest attractions of the course is its international character, offering the possibility to interact with people from other countries and cultures."



"After completing the course I can assure you that I feel ready to teach English online. The 8 45-minute classes, as well as the 18h observation of other trainees are enough to understand and experience the educational possibilities of distance learning. Some of the skills to be highlighted are: how to adapt traditional materials to the digital environment and how to enhance the functions of Zoom as an educational tool. Within the feedback of each TP, the tutors offer recommendations on how to improve the materials and their presentation, with the aim of making them more student-friendly."

Accessibility and Content Management


"The quality of the resources and their easy access has been the common denominator throughout the course. While it is initially difficult to adapt to the Google Classroom digital platform, once the basic guidelines are in place, it is truly intuitive to access the documentation and information needed to complete tasks and send all documents. Input sessions are complemented by downloadable material and a complete, selected and highly relevant bibliography."