about asturias

(adapted from interview published by StudyCelta)

City of Oviedo

Just about smack dab in the middle of Spain’s northern coast lies the elegant city of Oviedo. This underrated city has a lively student culture and historical architecture everywhere you turn. Not to mention an up-and-coming CELTA scene so we wanted you to know what the city has to offer CELTA candidates. 

Oviedo is an ancient city and you’ll often stumble upon architecturally important ninth century buildings as you’re wandering the streets. Oviedo is a small historical city with the right amount of modern facilities to have the best of both worlds. Pre-Roman churches, medieval cathedrals and modern buildings coexist harmoniously in the small city. And small is key here: Oviedo is the perfect haven to do your CELTA course, Everything you may need is within walking distance so you won’t waste your time on unnecessary journeys. With assignments to complete and lessons to plan, you'll appreciate the accessibility of the city while on the CELTA.


The surroundings

While architecture and history abound within the city centre, there is also beautiful nature in the city and its surroundings. Asturias is a great place for nature lovers. You can go hiking, trekking or cycling without actually leaving the city. Oviedo is the capital of the Asturias region and the natural adventures don’t stop at the edge of the city. Just outside, you'll find Naranco Hill which has both hiking and historic architecture. Here, you'll find San Miguel de Lillo and Santa María del Naranco, both built in the ninth century.

Going a little farther afield, you'll find many adventures waiting for you. Only 40km from Oviedo you can find the ‘Senda del Oso,’ a route by a river into the woods where you can spot bears in their natural habitat, or roam in the boardwalk in Gijon or Luanco to see the breathtaking views of the amazingly blue Cantabric Sea. You can also go skiing or spend your weekends in the lakes near Covadonga. You can find just about any adventure sport you'd like here. This adds to Asturias' allure post-CELTA.


Eating Out

All of your studying, adventuring and exploring will leave you feeling hungry. Adriana tells us that local cuisine includes Cachopo (breaded meat with ham and cheese, or alternative fillings), Fabada (a bean stew) or Tortos con picadillo (a corn dough with sausage and fried eggs). To drink, you’ll want to try the region’s famous cider; be sure to have it served to you by an escanciador. These cider servers will pour your drink perfectly into a glass with his arm raised two feet above it! While there are Michelin star restaurants in Oviedo, Adriana advises a more economical option: “In every corner you will find a restaurant with the typical Asturian dishes in a 3-course menu for less than €10, wine included.” It doesn't get much better than that!

The CELTA Centre

In our centre, you will find all you need for your course, from a reference library to a small lounge to study or have a light meal. Needless to say, you have access to Wi-fi, printing facilities and there are several bars right around the corner if you want to take a break. The centre is full of enthusiastic aspiring and existing English language teachers. It's a comfortable place to convene while you take the intensive course. While the facility itself has a lot to offer, so does Oviedo and Asturias after you’ve completed the CELTA. Plus, you'll have all of Spain at your fingertips, which is truly a hub of ELT.

The job market

“Oviedo is the capital city of Asturias and despite being a small province, it is a mature market in terms of ELT,” Adriana tells us. There are a multitude of options for CELTA-qualified teachers both in Oviedo itself and the surrounding areas. She continues, “There are more than 200 language schools and English is taught in primary and secondary schools in after-school clubs. In both sectors, qualified teachers are hired every year and if you browse job webs you will see that there are always jobs on offer in the area.” Not only are there many job postings throughout the province, the CELTA centre in Oviedo can also help you find your first post-CELTA job. “Besides this,” Adriana explains, “our centre is a recognised teacher provider and we get requests from Asturias, Cantabria, León and País Vasco.”