meet the tutors

A CELTA programme depends on many different factors but the Tutors are the backbone of the course and your safe board!


Milada Krajewska 

(Main Course Tutor, Online Tutor)


Milada is a teacher, teacher trainer, ELT author and independent materials designer as well as an experienced CELTA tutor, working on both face-to-face and online courses. She works with teacher training centres around the world (mostly, in sunny locations) as well as on her home turf in Warsaw, Poland. She also trains Celta tutors and helps to set up new CELTA centres. With an MA in English Studies & TEFL and a postgraduate diploma in Business Training, she’s been teaching and learning from her students of all ages for over 20 years.


As a TEDx presenters coach, ELT content editor, self-publishing project manager and conference organiser, she has been collecting and sharing inspiration for 15 years now. Her ELT passions include story-based lesson design; cognitive science for learning; feedback and feedforward and learning experience design. In private, she is torn between a walk on the beach, learning Spanish, all things design, a good laugh, good old-fashioned conversation, playing with new flavours, enjoying beautifully published books and … cocker spaniels.


Stories shared by Milada’s CELTA trainees:


I must admit I couldn't prepare materials and plan lessons the way I'm doing it now before the Celta course. And you know what? This morning, while I was leaving the classroom at the end of the lesson, a boy said to his classmates: 'Hey guys, it's a pity we can't have an extra English class now!'


Thanks for helping me to learn to trust my instincts.You guided me, you challenged me, you shook me. Not always a cheerful process for me, but I am grateful for every single moment.


Thank you for caring! Thank you for making us realise that even such seasoned teachers as yourself are still keen on improving and learning from more experienced colleagues.


You have been an inspiration for me. I’ve changed the perspective as a teacher, rediscovered the joy of teaching but I also feel that I’ve grown a lot.


Loved your metaphors, visuals, encouragement and, above all, your constant smile!




Beata Palinska

(Assistant Course Tutor, Online Tutor)


Beata is a freelance CELTA tutor working with CELTA centres in Poland and Spain, both as a face-to-face and online Tutor. She holds an MA in English Studies & TEFL, a DELTA diploma, and she is a certified IH Teacher Trainer. With over 15 years of teaching experience with all age groups, she’s been training teachers, leading a teaching team as a Director of Studies, organising ELT conferences, working as a Cambridge oral examiner and designing teaching materials.

Her professional passions include looking for stories and turning them into lessons, planning lessons and turning them into story-like experiences, incorporating most effective learning strategies to help her students do better than they expected. 

Her out-of-work passions? Noticing story potential everywhere, using non-existent words, food (cooking, eating, reading and talking about), being a ball thrower for her Hungarian vizsla (and yes, her dog Figa has been named after a food item).


Stories shared by Beata’s CELTA trainees:


I’ve learned a lot thanks to you and your dedication to us. 

I hope many more trainees will have you on board.


You gave me hope that even a shy person can become a good teacher.


Thanks for helping me see the bigger picture. I hope we cross paths again in the future.


You’ve taught me loads! Now I know that it’s not about me but my students and I’m grateful to you for it.


Thank you for transmitting fascinating knowledge, sharing your passion, and for all the guidance and support you gave us. 



Kasia Jakielaszek

(Assistant Course Tutor, Online Tutor)


Kasia’s been working in ELT since 1990 when she obtained her first teaching qualification while still at university. Since then, it’s been a fascinating journey for her – she worked for many years as an EFL teacher at a university, a teacher training college and language schools in southern Poland, before taking on a Director of Studies position at an International House school there in 2012 and moving into teacher training. Her teaching and training have taken her to many places around the world – Portugal, the UK, China, Spain, Georgia, the Philippines, Japan, the UAE, and she’s always loved sharing her passion for teaching with both her students and her trainees anywhere she went. She is currently a freelance CELTA tutor, but she also does some examining for Cambridge English. 


When not working, Kasia likes to relax in a hammock with a good crime novel and her dog and cats running around. She enjoys living close to the mountains but she’d one day like to live by the sea.


Stories shared by Kasia’s CELTA trainees:


I would like to thank you again for all the things you've taught me and everyone in April Batch. It was an honor to have you and Malcolm as our tutors. 


You guys are the best.


Thank you so much for everything. I couldn't have done it without your help. 


I just wanted to mention that the last four weeks have been rewarding, and I'll never forget this CELTA experience. Thank you for making my CELTA experience an extraordinary one.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything during the celta course:)


I appreciate all of the advice you gave us. Your calm manner always helped me to stay relaxed and focused on the course! I appreciate all of your support.